Introducing for Crazy Cricket Fans Like You!

Introducing for Crazy Cricket Fans Like You!

PredictX, a platform where cricket fanatics can find the entire buzz related to the awesome sport of cricket. The platform tends to give cricket lovers an insight into the up and coming matches, reports on the cricketing events currently taking place and analysis on concluded cricket matches.

PredictX is a platform for cricket lovers to find all the information related to the sport. We take pride in the fact that we work hard and research our cricket bats off to give you the content that is absolutely top-notch and provide you with one platform that will give you unlimited doze of cricket awesomeness.

We Don’t Endorse Cricket Betting!

We as Predictx website logo cricket lovers will also do match predictions and analysis on favorites to win the tournaments but we in no capacity whatsoever endorse betting as it is an illegal activity in India and not in alliance with the spirit of the game or the kind of work that we do at PredictX. We’re planning to come up with a feature that lets users vote which team will win today’s match for the user engagement.


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    This is a platform curated with only one intention i.e. to provide cricket lovers with quality content and therefore does not endorse betting on it. We at PredictX take pride in the sport of cricket and the spirit of the game.

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